Navy Blue Guest Room

0F3A6942-Edit-EditThis past Monday as I was sitting on my couch working on some picture editing a grand idea popped into my head “Paint the guest room NAVY blue”. I love the color blue- it’s one of my favorite colors, but NAVY blue? Dark blue? should I? would I? yeah I did…


It actually took me a couple hours to convince myself that this was a good idea, primarily because our house has soft light tones (grays and off whites). So I turned to Pinterest and searched “Navy Blue Rooms”. I cam across many rooms with so many variations of blue that I loved, But me being me I had to see the paint chips in person. So I headed off to Home Depot in search of My navy blue paint.


After about 30 minutes of deliberating what shade of blue I wanted I decided on Indigo Ink from Behr. Looking at the color online and looking at it on my walls it looks completely different, but I still Love it!


Many of the furniture pieces and decor in this room are mostly thrift store finds, D.I.Y’s or sale items from HomeGoods. The head board I bought 3 years ago from a lady on craigslist for $20. It’s a Pottery Barn full size head board that I repainted with off white chalk paint. The plates on the wall are from our local Salvation Army and are originally from Pier1. The large plates were .50 and the smaller ones were .25. The throw Blankets were on sale at HomeGoods at $12 a piece.0F3A6929-Edit-Edit

The vases here,  the flowers and the Mirror are all from HomeGoods. (Vases were on sale at $8 and $10, flowers were $12.99 and the mirror was $25) the Furniture piece was from AT HOME- and I loved it so much I purchased it at full price ($129 which is a lot in my book) The round side table was on sale at HomeGoods for $49, the 2nd side table my husband and I made from an old bar stool, a kitchen cabinet door, a 2×4 ,and a drawer pull from Hobby Lobby & some paint and stain. total cost for that one $15!



All in all I love the way the room came out, we will be adding a Faux baseboards to the room in the near future ( can’t wait for that!) What do you think? does the navy blue work?

As always, Style it Pretty!




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