Simply Styled TV Console


When we first moved into our home (even before we finished remodeling it) I started thrift shopping for furniture pieces that would fit the very vague idea I had in my head of what I wanted it to look like.


I would go to the Salvation Army, which was 5 minutes away from my office, every week to see if they had any new pieces I could use in our new home. On one of those trips I found this BEAUTIFUL dresser! the color that it was originally wasn’t a terrible color, but I wanted something darker and matte for the living room so that it would be a focal point. I decided on a Matte gray/blue color so that it wasn’t visually too heavy, but still had that contrast i really wanted against the light gray walls.

A couple of months went by before we actually got this baby painted but once it was done…EEKK!!! I was so happy with it!! I love the clean lines and the length of the dresser/console (its 8ft long) AND it has 8 drawers for extra storage!

I wanted to display some of the vintage cameras I had collected over the years and putting them on top of the console was an absolute perfect spot!!

Always Style It Pretty!




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