Pretty Things in My Living Room

0F3A6969-Edit-EditIs anyone really ever done decorating? Not me!

Probably because I tend to look for things for my home that I love or find interesting. I’m going to share with you a couple of things in my living room that I love (with the exception of my camera collection) Keep reading to see more…


My coffee table arrangement is a piece i’m still working on and putting together. I love that it has so many elements such as glass, metal, wood, stone, paper, leaves and that all the elements in this arrangement work together and create a harmonious eclectic arrangement. (the items for this arrangement were almost all found at HomeGoods with the exception of the old book)

0F3A7010-EditOur console table on the other side of the room is home to my ampersand. If you know me, you know I have a thing for typography, and the ampersand is one of my favorite symbols ( I even have one tattooed). When I found this gem at HomeGoods I had to get it. It isn’t huge or crazy looking, it doesn’t take up the whole space, it’s just perfect!

0F3A6977-Edit-EditThe wood & stone coaster set- isn’t it just pretty?! It was $5.99 at HomeGoods, and we always need coasters around my house!

0F3A6982-EditOur D.I.Y industrial console table which I’m still not sold on for this particular space, but for now it works! 0F3A6979-Edit0F3A7006-EditPainting from the 1940s I found at an Antique mall.

thanks for reading!

As Always, Style it Pretty!




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