A Peaceful Space for my Best Friend

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This Christmas I got to help give a pretty awesome gift to one of my favorite people in the world. And this is a short post about how it all came about.

My Best friend, Rachel, is an amazingly talented writer (check out her blog here) but aside from her inspirational writing, she’s also a hardworking mother and wife. With a 3 and a 1 year old it’s hard to get some time to just sit down and write, So her husband surprised her with two pretty awesome gifts this christmas- and so the adventure began.

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First gift- A space for Rachel to study, and write without interruptions.

Second gift- A surprise visit from ME!

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Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE decorating! It’s one of those talents I kinda always had. Helping my best friend get her own personal space all nice and pretty and cozy was amazing, for so many reasons. Rachel and I are a great team, you name it we always seem to know how to balance it out to get the job done! this was no exception! We were on a budget, so we went to Thrift Stores, Target, Marshall’s, HomeGoods, Ross to find items that were beautiful, yet affordable.

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And to say the least, we pretty much brought this room to life!

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Light colored slightly distressed wood, pink accents, flowy neutral colored curtains, Journals (Many many Journals) a big comfy recliner and the perfect lamp, make up this perfect space for an amazing person!

Rachel, I hope this space inspires you to write, and provides you a getaway to gather your thoughts and put them on paper- (or your Blog) so that others can be inspired too!

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As always,

Style It Pretty



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