The UGLY old/new kitchen

home (1 of 2)

Everyone who knows me knows I do not like to cook, so the kitchen for me is a space I just like to look pretty. My husband on the other hand loves to cook, BUT this NEW kitchen in the house we are moving to was neither pretty nor (in a way) functional.


The wall color when we got here was TERRIBLE- it had to be changed immediately!


But even when the paint was changed, I hated the cabinets over the peninsula, and those were taken down too. I still wasn’t happy- something wasn’t right… (well several things, but they were al taken care of when we decided to take down the wall)

home (1 of 1)

When we took the wall down, we decided to get rid of the fluorescent light and install recessed lighting. We also decided to take the upper cabinets down and will be putting up new white upper cabinets!

home (2 of 2).jpg

And this is where we are now- we still have a ways to go- but progress is good!

I will post updates as they come 🙂

as always- style it pretty!





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