We’re Moving! (and the reno begins)

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So the time has come for us to leave our cozy remodeled home and move on to the next place, and although it makes me sad to leave this home, the one My husband and I spent hours renovating, I am so excited to the next place our own!

The renovation began by tearing down a wall…yes a wall… (there will be a post about that later) I want to focus this post on a project I tackled today, by myself: re doing the fire place by ‘whitewashing’ it.

The fireplace we now have is 12ft tall and dark brown and you can’t miss it

I am not so much a fan of the dark color. I love neutrals that make a space feel light & airy & homey… So this fire place color had to go.

I started by tearing off this old 1984 Mantle that was on there already. I felt like

  1.  it was too small for such a large space.
  2.  I hated the design of it. 

So I had my husband build me a New one- yay! (Now I must insert here that I have not finished the project, being 5’1 on a ladder still doesn’t make you tall enough to reach the very top of fireplace)

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White washing is the process of mixing a 50/50 ratio o water and paint.and brushing it on the brick and dabbing it off.

Like I said- when I got closer to the top it got more difficult for me to reach the brick- this picture I took when I had just added the paint on the top half with out dabbing of the paint. and this is where I am at with this project- Hoping to finish it tomorrow!

home (1 of 4)home (4 of 4)

as always- style it pretty!




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