The #DesignMedleyChallenge


Well…I dove straight into the adventures of Instagram last month! I had NO idea what I was missing out on! Along with starting my Instagram page (@styleitpretty_home)  my friend Amy from Abigail Amira Design and I started a new Hashtag! (to be honest I had no real idea what a Hashtag was or meant until I joined the IG community)

We called it #thedesignmedley challenge! I love mixing old and new pieces along with different textures and materials and so does Amy, after brainstorming names we decided that this one would work- and the hashtag was born!

I must admit this Instagram Life is so fun and a bit addicting! but really, what other way to showcase ones own creativity to the world?! right?

Check out my Friend Amy’s blog here ! she’s amazing check out all her projects, she’s a girl who does it all!

home (5 of 6)

In this post I added some images of what a “design Medley” means to me- hope you enjoy!


If you’re interested in following me along on IG and play along!

as always- style it pretty!





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