Dining Room Chair Makeover

0F3A3868-EditOur Dining room chairs are getting a makeover! I’m so excited! I got the chairs from a co-worker whose husband was getting rid of some furniture when I saw them I knew I had to have them!

Now when I originally got the chairs they were stained a deep cherry red stain, there’s nothing wrong with that stain color but to go with my vision for the way I want my home to look I knew I would have to sand them all the way down and re stain them with Minwax Special Walnut Stain. It’s the PERFECT stain color! it’s not too light and not too dark, it doesn’t have too much yellow/orange/red undertones, like I said it’s perfect!

This is what the chairs looked like before:


See what I mean? a little dark.

All I did was remove the seat, and taped off the top part so that stain wouldn’t get on the fabric. I sanded it with coarse sand paper, removed all the old stain, wiped it clean and then re stained it.


The beautiful cross detail on the back
I’m still trying to decide whether or not I want to change the upholstery, I actually kind of like it.The table itself will be undergoing a transformation too, that’ll be fun!





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