Repurposing the Dresser

0F3A4166-EditDoes anyone remember this dresser? I used it as a TV console for a long time, now it’s made its way into the master bedroom!

I loved the dresser as a TV console, it was great and worked well for storage and to display pretty things on top, but once we moved it just wasn’t going to work as a TV console, it was far too big for the area I planned on putting it.


My husband was awesome and told me I could have the entire master closet (which I didn’t ask for at all) but some how all my clothes still needed more room. So taking the dresser into the master bedroom seemed to be the solution.

The Master bedroom is  a long rectangular room (12×16.5ff) so this piece had plenty of room on the other side of the room, the wall still needs some decor and once I decide what I want on the walls I’ll post an updated picture, but for now this is the dressers new home!

I’m pretty Happy with the way it’s looking so far! stay tuned for the lighing project i’m doing next in this room!




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